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HIDEAWAY v3 Ticket



Under 20 Spots Remaining

a sentimental night aimed at rejuvenating your rage for life and joy of human connection and art.

AKA have fun, relax, destress, listen to music.

a ticket includes:

a l c o h o l

permanent immortalization through a recording in video & audio of the night


temporary (?) tattoos 


b e a n i e  r a f f l e

The nicest kindest people I've ever had the pleasure of calling friends & fans

We really put a lot of ourselves into these events. I take great pride that people tell me in confidence that these nights mean the world to them. And that it's so refreshing to see art and the bare soul when we create the conditions to allow it. 

Let's be open to having these types of nights more often. Come say hi and enjoy yourself. (:

page of memories from last Hideaway...

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