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Combining ethereal pop sounds with sentimental lyrics that speak to all of the insecurities we try to filter out in our everyday lives, a Band Called Sad crosses many genres to connect to all types of people on a genuine level. Formed in 2016, The band started off as a project for Morph (Marlon Marcy) to take the music he has created over the years and perform it live alongside bassist Craig Bunnell. With the addition of Taylor John Crawford, their bittersweet sound was fully realized. Guitarist Jules Avalon was added shortly after and they started to play together as a unit all over the tri-state area. Completing the lineup, Max Miller and Juan De La Luz joined the band in 2019.

To date the band has released three EPs and are actively releasing new music. 
An eccentric blend of influences like Radiohead, RHCP, Sun Ra, Bob Dylan, American Football, Queen, & Jacob Collier results in an upbeat & catchy, yet melancholic pop soundscape that is easy to listen to but complex if you're looking for something to sink your nails into. 


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